TBR Care Teams

Care Teams require a variety of roles based on the type and degree of the illness. The objective is to leverage treatment that is disease specific and evidence based. Clients from diverse demographic groups or disease acuity may require various combinations of roles.To accomplish this, TBR recruits from all types of specialists to customize the most effective care team.


Our proprietary technology, The Recovery Platform, allows our clients to receive MAT virtually which increases access and lowers barriers to treatment such as work and home schedules.  The Recovery Platform also minimizes the time requirements of often hard to access behavioral health specialists. 

VBOT accomplishes this by monitoring, collecting, and analyzing necessary data from various sources and automatically importing into a single database.  This automation provides efficiency for our network clinicians and expedites clinical decisions.

With this combination, our treatment setup provides compliance with the treatment methodology of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) while it also provides the technology tools necessary to create efficiency for both clinicians and clients. Thus, TBR is positioned to transform collaborative care to the new standard for MAT, drastically improving patient care, privacy, and access.  For our network clinicians, we increase the ability to communicate with care team members and clients which ultimately advances positive outcomes and reduces practice risk.

Clinician Dashboard

Case Management Dashboard

Lab Randomization

Longitudinal view of data

3 way PDMP, Toxicology and Rx analysis

Patient facing mobile app to increase treatment engagement and retention


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