Our Mission

To deliver a cost-effective and scalable virtual SUD treatment model by combining the power of clinically integrated networks along with purpose-built technology to facilitate the efficient delivery of multi-disciplinary collaborative care

TBR recognizes the opportunity to support Primary Care Providers (PCPs) who are responsible for their patients’ overall health. With more than 20 years invested in the medical practices of addiction and mental health care, TBR is uniquely positioned to assist PCPs with the complex logistics of multidisciplinary care management so they can focus on providing the most effective recovery possible.

TBR creates multispecialty Care Teams that include psychiatrists, counselors, coaches, and other disease-specific specialists. We offer PCPs a cutting-edge integrated technology, The Recovery Platform (TRP), that fosters critical collaboration for managing their patients’ SUD care.

TRP allows clients to receive Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) virtually. Virtual care increases access, privacy, and lowers barriers to treatment such as work and home schedules. TRP minimizes the time demands on often hard-to-access behavioral health specialists. This is accomplished by automatically monitoring, importing, and analyzing necessary data, from various sources into a single database. This provides efficiency for our network clinicians and assists with clinical decisions.

By combining multidisciplinary expertise and technology, our VBOT treatment program delivers compliance standards consistent with those recommended by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). TBR improves client outcomes and reduces MAT practice risk by facilitating meaningful communication between Care Team members.


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