Triad Behavioral Resources has an essential message for program participants. If you are reading this, it’s because you received Suboxone or the generic version (buprenorphine) from your healthcare provider. Great work on taking a big step in a recovery plan proven very effective in the last few years. Regardless of whether you are taking it to combat opioid dependence or chronic pain management, Suboxone/Buprenorphine has been shown to dramatically increase your chance of positive changes.


Recent evidence does point to the need for focused dental care while on this medication. Without following these steps, using the oral form can result in tooth damage and decay.

Here is the latest procedure currently recommended by the FDA in January 2023.

“Patients may lessen their risk of dental problems by taking certain preventative measures.”

  • After the product is completely dissolved, take a large sip of water, swish it gently around the teeth and gums, and swallow.
  • Wait for at least one hour and then brush your teeth after use of the product to avoid damage to your teeth.
  • You should also visit a dentist to develop a preventative strategy, including close monitoring by the dentist and regular dental checkups.

The entire warning can be accessed here:
FDA warns about dental problems with buprenorphine medicines dissolved in the mouth to treat opioid use disorder and pain | FDA

According to the FDA, Suboxone/Buprenorphine is very effective for its intended use and the benefits far outweigh any problems. Please do not change or discontinue use of the medication without talking to your doctor first.

Keep up your work in recovery, and Triad Behavioral Resources will keep you informed of any updates on maintaining good dental health while using this medication. 

Thank you, 

Your Triad Behavioral Resources Healthcare Team