No. Interventions are limited to understanding the individual’s anomalous PDMP or Lab information as well as participation in their behavioral health sessions. This data, along with the answers to the evidence based assessments you will administer, should give you a good understanding of whether you would recommend changes in their therapy regimen. These recommendations are made to the prescribing physician.

We try our best to be consistent with care team members for each of the clients we serve. We understand that there may be times where it is difficult to coordinate schedules and in those cases we will reassign care team members.

Each time you interact with your client you will use the Platform’s functionality to document your findings and recommendation which will be used by the clients additional care team members.

Every time you have a session with a client there are 3 main objectives that you document in the Platform:

1) Administer evidence based assessments

2) Review data displayed on individual’s care dashboard and discuss with patient

3) Make recommendations regarding changes to therapy and any supporting notes

Each client is scheduled for one monthly visit with you. Additionally, we may also utilize your services for providing enrollment services beyond your normal client base.

No. We have standardized our rating scales and utilize the M3 Checklist and Brief Addiction Monitor. From time to time there may be other tools, but these are our primary assessments.

We expect that the majority of clients will have a need for therapy, but we also recognize that those needs will vary immensely. Your role is to identify the amount of therapy to recommend to the care team based on all of the data you are provided.

You are unable to refer clients to yourself as we are intentionally structured to have a process that allows for full transparency and elimination of any conflicts of interest by having the individuals recommending the quantity of therapy not receiving the actual referral.

You are able to update your calendar at any time and that will change your availability that your clients see. If a visit has already been scheduled in a timeframe that is removed that visit will need to still be performed, but all future scheduling will take the changes into account.

Our recommendation is that you utilize VBOT to help fill gaps in your practice time, maybe it starts out as a specific day or after hours, but as you start to build your client base in VBOT you will be able to adjust your schedule as you see fit.

Monthly assessments are schedule for 30 minutes. Enrollments are scheduled for 50 minutes.

Clients has the ability to reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of an appointment, but they are only allowed to no show 3 times and then you will no longer need to provide services to that client. We don’t pay for No Shows, but we will replace the removed client with a new client.

You will be paid biweekly by ACH based on the number of patient visits you have completed

Clients must schedule on your calendar 24 hours in advance. Therefore, when you review your calendar each day you will know what has been committed.

Your availability needs to be consistent with the number of clients that you have agreed to support plus a 20% buffer. For example: if you have 40 clients on your roster and you understand each patient will see you for 30 minutes per month totaling 20 hours, you should make available 22 hours per month or 5.5 hours per week