Recovery made simple

It takes strength and courage to face addiction and seek help

Many Substance Use Disorder (SUD) outpatient treatment programs can leave clients feeling like the odds are stacked against them. Clients face seemingly insurmountable barriers to recovery from inconvenient and expensive treatment, to lack of privacy during the recovery process.

Triad Behavioral Resources (TBR) removes barriers to care with flexible and effective virtual Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Multispecialist care teams work with clients to provide a simpler more private path to affordable treatment quickly and without judgment.

Self-scheduled virtual appointments empower clients to stay committed to continuous treatment without interruption from busy life schedules or out-of-town trips. Whether at home or on the go, TBR provides constant support for clients with their mobile application, Recovery Care Connect. Clients stay more engaged in treatment and regain the focus needed to rediscover life with a clear mind.

TBR accepts all major insurance companies and Medicaid. TBR will work with clients and their insurance to address financial needs. Standard co-pays apply. Non-insured clients can utilize our self-pay service at affordable rates.

Seeking Treatment?

Virtual Based Opioid Treatment (VBOT) brings both privacy and convenience to the clients’ mobile phones. VBOT puts clients in control of their recovery, allowing them to schedule their own appointments with our flexible and effective virtual care solutions.

Our mobile app, Recovery Care Connect, keeps clients engaged in their recovery. Clients receive prompts, counseling aids, and experience our hands-on multispecialist approach to recovery. 


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