“Everyone: patients and staff are all caring and we all want each other to make it through”


“Group to me is a time I get to talk about certain issues that the other people give a neutral opinion and try to get new ideas and coping skills. When I leave group I feel I have learned things that help with the outside world”


“The counselors and physicians are very nice and understanding and easy to talk to. Triad Behavioral Resources really helps you get back to a normal life. It was the best phone call I ever made!!!”


“ TBR has helped me through my recovery. Most clinics sort of feel cold and uncaring, TBR is different. You can really tell they care, they treat you like a person, not just an addict. I wouldnt be where I am today without them.”


“When I started here I felt comfortable around everyone and it was easy to talk to the doctors. There is a group meeting every week that is very helpful and I actually get excited to join. This place has helped me get through a time I never thought I would.”


“Im very thankful for Triad Behavioral Resources because it very much saved my life”